Avery Dennison Award Top 10 vinyl wrap show

Avery Dennison Award Top 10 vinyl wrap show – Get your inspiration!

custom vinyl wraps


custom vinyl wraps


custom vinyl wraps


custom vinyl wraps


custom vinyl wraps


custom vinyl wraps


custom vinyl wraps


custom vinyl wraps


custom vinyl wraps


custom vinyl wraps

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3 Important Factors for PVC Printing

Use the PVC for the flatbed printing, there have three main factors need to consider:

PVC manufacturing consistency, PVC deal with thoughtful, and the continued attention to static electricity. Although the printer has taken steps to solve the last two factors, the best way is to make the print material manufacturer to pay close attention before these materials are delivered to your workshop. From the right product can save material, time and money.
PVC printing manufacturer

Production Consistency

The first step in selecting a PVC sheet is to check the consistency of the manufacturer’s process (formulation, extrusion and temperature). For wide-format flatbed printing, PVC manufacturers need to improve the PVC quality and consistency. The consistency of surface finish, density, color, thickness tolerance and transparency has become a key parameter.

PVC flatbed printing manufacturer
Carefully Handling

Once you have determined that PVC can be consistent, it is important to see what measures taken to keep the product clean. Dust, dirt and grease will pollute the sheet, so that you would waste energy, time and money into materials. PVC in the manufacture, packaging, warehousing, distribution and delivery process, there are variety of dirty transfer opportunities, therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the sheet to taken and the installed with a clean sense.

pvc board flatbed printing

Reduce Static Electricity

Static electricity is another barrier to PVC printout. The static electricity in the sheet makes it difficult for the ink to adhere to any printing materials, which will affect the way the ink sprayed on the paper. The first step in avoiding static problems is to buy products that remove static electricity during the manufacturing process. Second, you can control the humidity, in the cold, dry days using a humidifier, in order to control the static electricity in the printing workshop.

In order to further release the static electricity from the sheet, use a dissipating device built on the printer, or additional protection to hang a string of wires before allowing the sheet to enter the printer. Keeping the PVC sheet clean, no static electricity is two simple ways to improve the printing efficiency of PVC, but to ensure that you can work with manufacturers that provide consistent products, is the key to maximizing quality and yield.

PVC board printing factory

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Car Wraps Not the Only Way

Keep your eye beyond the traditional application, in order to make business expansion and growth.

custom vehicle wrap
When you hear the word wrapped, the first thing that emerges in your mind is the wrap for cars. Although it takes up a lot of the market, but there are opportunities in the market outside the cars, they can help your business to a new height.
First of all, it is clear that the opportunity to cover the market in the boat graphic market. As a print service provider, winning this type of customer means that it is a long-term job that grows as customers expand.
“You have found a variety of modes of transport business, which is what you get compared to the entire project with only one vehicle. Now, the car graphics business more than the boat graphics opportunities, but soon after, the boat graphics business will have a very big business opportunities.”
custom boat wrap
Boat customers are looking for a design and then using it for multiple units, which requires a print shop to grow at the exponential level and to provide the best possible service. On a boat, you get all done at once, the customer is very happy! Also because it is right for a new car, you can delete many steps in repetitive work, which is the future of a print shop – spend less effort , generate more profits. ”

However, you will probably ignore other opportunities beyond the boat. For example, the grouping wrap is a trend in many industries. Many companies find that leisure, professional and inspiring environments, employees can play a value, customers are more likely to be attracted.
There is no doubt that the best chance of covering lies in the environment: walls, windows and floors. In fact, many traditional wraps are actually looking for ways to extend their coverage and increase profits by adding the environment wraps into the business. Any place where there are floor, walls and windows have the potential to wrap. This includes the exterior decoration of the building, the sidewalk and the skyscrapers!
custom interior wall decoration
Many property management teams are looking for ways to improve office and commercial interior space. One way is to personalize the walls of the interior and reception areas. Group agencies such as banks, hospitals and office support systems are also looking for ways to enhance the appearance through the coating, the indoor coating is becoming more and more popular. Positive and negative graphic business these non-traditional coating is a viable option. These applications keep the printer running and keep the installers busy, and the added value is the better.
custom wall wrap
And this is not limited to that. Almost anything can be covered, such as laptops, mobile phones, shoes, cabinets, countertops, musical instruments, toolboxes and so on. As long as it is not a hole in the printing material, you can be considered.

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Evolution: From Digital Printing to the Digital Signage

Visual communication has evolved into the inclusion of digital signage, which is seen as a new intruder in our industry. We have seen digital signage through new technology integration to add luster for the static identification, and expanded the traditional logo signage. Printed logo and visual graphics While building and enhancing brand information, digital signage can display dynamic content and dynamically change at any time according to the demographics of the interaction between the day and the viewer or the user.

Berg Insight conducted an industry survey found that in 2014, there were 7.3 million digital signage displays worldwide. Digital signage will naturally grow and its number of impressions will grow to 17.2 million in 2019. InternationalData expects the use of digital signage in the retail sector alone from $ 6 billion in 2013 to $ 27.5 billion in 2018. End-user companies have demand for it, and consumers are increasingly accustomed to seeing digital signs of places where crowds such as shopping malls, office buildings, airports and campuses gather.
So, what exactly is the digital signage? The usual answer is that digital signage is a digital display that displays a content on a wall, that displays content similar to banners and inkjet graphics, and customers buy the entire product that contains their information. Likewise, the customer is investing in digital content on the screen rather than the digital exhibits themselves. While the digital show does not have the original cost, the greater chance for providers and business users is that you have the ability to design and display information for the same or different types of viewers.

Seven keys of digital signage
How should a person introduce the digital signage to the intended audience? This will be from the digital signage sales, implementation and content creation and other seven key elements to proceed. First of all, you have to understand the business goals, the next decision is to try to exchange digital signage information, then we must decide the right solution – what software, what hardware, and equipment needs to connect? Who will be responsible for content development, who will provide ongoing support?

Key 1: Know the target of digital signage
Before you know what you want to send or why you do, many customers are starting from the hardware and choosing to pass the tools. Any number of people who do not start from the “What do you want to do this project?” This basic problem starts with 99% of people who will fail. Identify the target and ask the prospective and existing customers on the following two points:
What do you want to do?
What do you want to get?

Key 2: Determine what type of content you need
Once you know what kind of customer wants to achieve, you have to determine the best content to achieve the goal. By asking these questions to complete it:
What kind of information do you want to communicate with?
Who is your audience?
What do you want the user to experience?
This will help you determine what type of content you need – text, images, videos, interactive content, and / or animated text. Because different types of content for different types of viewers, and the company only a few seconds to seize the user’s attention, so understand the information goals and assets is critical.

Key 3: Program design
A successful program takes into account the purpose and the environment in the overall design. The questions you would like to include:
Is the environment indoor or outdoor?
Is the space public or private?
Is there any need to consider the unconventional conditions?
Consider the customer’s goals, content and environment to create a design. You need to review the core of the software, the so-called CMS (Content Management System), including how the content is scheduled to be scheduled, stored and managed.

Key 4: Content management system
The content management system (CMS) can determine how the content will be scheduled for a variety of dates and moments and be played at a particular presentation point, based on a combination of audience, environment, and goals. Content can be managed using a USB drive for localized management, or remotely using content based on a cloud-based CMS to display content around the world. Scheduling content can be from simple (and effective) to complex, multi-play list to carry out, according to the daily time and content to arrange.
The content can be displayed on screens of various sizes and orientations, and the media player is usually connected to the CMS from a small screen placed on top of the shelf to a large 4k ultra-high definition screen. The environment has a significant impact on the type of hardware and the display, and the outdoor display has different needs, especially where there is extreme weather.

Key 5: Connectivity
Connectivity is often overlooked. You need to make sure that the data connection is a wired connection, a wireless connection, a local area network, or a veteran “sneaker-net” USB drive. Many locations have network security issues, such as banks, casinos and government facilities and other places need a separate unit network.

Key 6 & 7: Installation and Sustained Support
The last step of the operation is to consider installation and ongoing support. A small number of display racks to five locations can be done indoors. For customers with 50 to 250 locations and 10 to 25 terminal displays per location, subcontracting the installation network and coordinating project management is greater challenge. Although the digital signage looks simple, it can become complicated all of a sudden.

digital airport signage

Digital signage adds more benefits and value to the visual communications industry, and creates new opportunities for identity and visual graphics companies.

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Wide Format Printing Report

Survey: The several main applications of wide format printing

Info Trends analyzes the “Wide Print Industry Report” published in 2013 and 2016. The report shows that the wide range of printers are widely used in POP displays and signs, window decals & lettering, backlit display, vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps, floor graphics, packaging samples, textiles, flags and other aspects. Compared with the same period in 2013, each application in 2016, the demand for wide format printing have increased greatly. In 2016, POP display / signage is still the largest demand for wide-format printing, demand increased from 51.2% in 2013 to 71.7%; although the flags are the smallest demand, but compared with 2013, 2016 The annual demand reached 6.5%, is about 2.7 times in 2013, the increase is very obvious. It can be seen that wide-format printing has been increasingly used in all aspects, that the wide-format printing industry development prospects are still good.

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Digital Fabric Printing

Digital fabric printing

based on the ink technology and printing materials have been developed, so that printing service providers can using the existing wide format printing equipment, extend their business from vinyl material signs and graphics to digital fabric printing applications. In particular, ECO-solvent, latex, UV-curable and solvent-based UV inks are used in the manufacture of printed fabrics, providing new opportunities for the use of interior decoration and soft signs.
digital fabric printing factory

Interior decoration and soft signs are growing

Custom wallpaper, furniture decals, wall graphics, window decoration, etc., can be based on the region, the local situation, seasonal or personalized brand to print. The soft texture are very suitable for the environmental graphics of office lobby, hospital treatment area, hotel rooms and others, that will give people a quiet feeling.
Many of these applications can be printed by latex, ECO-solvent and solvent type UV printers.
Soft signage is attractive to retailers and brand managers because it can be used for attractive applications, easy to handle, and lower shipping prices. Canvas or reinforced nylon fabrics are suitable for outdoor applications such as awnings, flags, sales, etc., can be printed using existing solvent-based / ECO-solvent-based printers.
custom furniture decals

Ink and printing materials

Knowing which ink technology is used to help determine which applications do not have to make significant changes to the workflow when printing:
ECO-Solvent Inks are the most versatile inks that are widely used for outdoor durable signs, graphics and special applications such as T-shirt printing. It requires the use of solvent-resistant varnish polishing material, and does not require postpress processing.
fabric sublimation printing

UV-curable inks are suitable for the most tightly woven fabrics, but it may require a primer to keep the ink on the surface of the printing material, and ensure that it is properly cured. Recent developments have made UV curable inks more suitable for wallpapers, canvas and thick paper. UV-curable inks are also optimized for their applications, with rigid to flexible properties of various colors of ink.

Solvent-based UV inks, as the name suggests, combine the advantages of solvent-based and UV inks. The solvent component is immersed in the receiving layer of the printing material and the pigment is held. Subsequent UV curing helps to improve the durability of the ink layer and produces bright colors, with a smooth, shiny feature. This is ideal for applications such as tightly woven soft signs and interior decorations.
custom t-shirt printing

There are more and more printing materials available to choose means that there are more business opportunities. Disposable or small batch of fabric printing using a direct printing process to improve the promotional activities, now it is an easy to achieve and good way to expand business.

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