Advertising Printers

MFG have more than 50 sets advertising printers, have UV flatbed printers, UV coiled material inkjet printers, Dye Sublimation printers,  Cutting machines as well.  Include JHF R7000Pro UV Rolling Printer (5m extra wide inkjet printers, precision: 1200dpi), HANDTOP UV Flatbed Printer (precision: 1200dpi), ROLAND RF640 Microinkjet Printer(precision: 1440dpi), Epson Stylus Pro 11880C Printer(precision: 1440dpi), Mutoh indoor and outdoor inkjet printers (precision: 1440dpi),  etc. With over 100 production staff, producing 4000 square meters of images daily, we can print banners, flags, stickers, posters, display banners, acrylic decorations, inflatable models, etc. Along with many different kinds of advertising products, we provide ERP system management, global delivery and excellent quality, high-efficiency service, competitive prices.