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Creative Outdoor Advertising

Concept and technology innovation Outdoor advertising in the advertising media status should not be overlooked, in 2017 International Printing and Packaging Innovation Festival, China Business Advertising Association President Mr. Li Xisha pointed out: “outdoor advertising is the city’s makeup artist, it luster for the city, let the city full of vitality and magic. ” Concept […]

Fabric Digital Printing Technology

Fabric Digital Printing as a new printing technology is rapidly rising. Pattern individualy, colorful, fast production and other characteristics, are digital printing products to win more market advantage. So, do you really understand fabric digital printing technology? Classified by printing From the fabric digital printing methods, there are three common ways: digital direct injection, thermal […]

Printing Industry New Concern

Print on the fabric In the printing industry, the fastest growing and most profitable new areas are: textile printing, from household items, decorative fabrics, curtains and carpets, to retail outlets and even exhibitions, where fabric products are easy transport and installation, low cost, it is easy to replace the traditional signs.   2017 customers major […]

Textiles Printing Upgrate the P.O.P. Advertising

The last few years, textiles, like storms, swept through the entire retail show. Most retail customers have accepted the printed fabric, because it is easy to use, light weight and has a rich look and texture. P.O.P. industry uses a lot of newly developed printing technology, including floor graphics, wall graphics and visual magnetic stickers. […]

Magnetic Printing Makes P.O.P. More Attractive

P.O.P. The purpose is to attract attention, provide information, advertising and enhance brand awareness. Whether it is short-term or long-term use, magnetic materials can provide a simple and effective diversification solution for the retailer’s P.O.P. From the hanging or support of the logo or banner, to the production of the whole wall and multi-layer graphic […]

How to choose the most suitable printer?

Professional flatbed printers, roll-to-roll printers and hybrid printers have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the choice of large-format UV curing printing system need to consider a variety of factors. One of the better ways to answer this question “What are the practical applications in the end?” First of all need to understand the total […]

Graphic Advertising Development 2016

2016 graphic advertising continued to lead the advertising industry GDP Wide inkjet printing is one of the fastest growing areas of the digital printing industry, and its graphic advertising applications in the advertising market also plays a pivotal role. According to the 2016 International Association of Signboard Industries (ISA) survey, more than 28% of signage […]

What can flatbed printer print?

Flatbed printer is also known as universal printer, that has replaced the screen printing, no plate, no copy, repeat the color, whether it is a simple color pattern or full-color pattern or some over-color patterns, flatbed printer can achieve the printing at one time, wide range of applications. May we think that is impossible, a […]