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Concept and technology innovation

Outdoor advertising in the advertising media status should not be overlooked, in 2017 International Printing and Packaging Innovation Festival, China Business Advertising Association President Mr. Li Xisha pointed out: “outdoor advertising is the city’s makeup artist, it luster for the city, let the city full of vitality and magic. ”

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Concept and technology innovation is the secret of outdoor advertising to maintain the influence.

Concept innovation to break the “advertising” in the narrow definition, advertising is to guide consumption, but the essence of advertising is to guide new and healthy life, is to guide the new, more scientific, better way of life. Many excellent outdoor advertising fully embodies the concept of innovation, through a variety of ways to guide you more healthy, better, more scientific life.

Some ads are healthy.

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Some ads are very public benefit.


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Some ads are very image.

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Some ads are convenient.

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Can not be ignored is that technological innovation is reflected in the concept of innovation to a strong support.

The creative performance of outdoor advertising continuous breakthrough in the three-dimensional and anthropomorphic aspects, with a vivid picture closer to the distance between consumers, with a vivid scene to create interactive, so that the Internet, large data, new media technology in outdoor advertising show.

The use of internet technology, mobile terminal technology, new media technology to outdoor media is the most important and urgent task of outdoor advertising development, but also outdoor advertising to improve the level of professional production level of technological innovation and breakthroughs in technological changes. The progress of printing technology to outdoor media to consumers more real and clear feelings and more cultural affinity.

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