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Fabric Digital Printing Technology

Fabric Digital Printing as a new printing technology is rapidly rising. Pattern individualy, colorful, fast production and other characteristics, are digital printing products to win more market advantage. So, do you really understand fabric digital printing technology?

Classified by printing
From the fabric digital printing methods, there are three common ways: digital direct injection, thermal transfer and cold transfer.

Digital direct injection method
Digital direct injection method is the use of digital printing technology directly on the printing material inkjet print figures, patterns and so on. The digital direct injection method is suitable for dispersing ink, acid ink, paint and active ink, and direct inkjet printing on semi-finished textile. The specific process is that according to the type of textile to select the corresponding ink, the design pattern, sizing, through the digital printing machine direct inkjet printing, and then drying, steaming, washing, drying, plus soft type and other technology.

Thermal transfer method
Thermal transfer is one of the more common methods of printing. The process is to first print ink on the paper, and then thermal transfer printing machinery to the paper on the pattern transfer to the textiles. The advantage of thermal transfer is that the printing accuracy is relatively high, but the printing efficiency is low, only applicable to polyester or polyester-containing high textile, which transfer fabrics are semi-finished products and no softener, softener agent may affect the coloring rate of thermal transfer.

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Cold transfer method
As thermal transfer, cold transfer methods need to first print on the paper to print out a good pattern design, and then special equipment will be printed paper and textile fabrics to achieve the transfer of patterns.

Digital printing divided by ink type
According to the type of ink used in digital printing, digital printing process is divided into five categories: active digital printing, acid digital printing, painting digital printing, dispersed digital thermal transfer printing and disperse direct printing. The corresponding process characteristics are related to the type of the selected printed fabric and the type of ink.

Dispersed digital printing is one of the most commonly used way, the current digital printing field used more than 50% for the dispersion of dye inks, disperse dyes is a class of low water-soluble, dyeing with the role of dispersants, So that it is in the form of tiny particles in the water, and was highly dispersed state. Dispersed digital printing process is generally applicable to polyester fabrics, such as decorative cloth, banner cloth, banners, and nonwovens, ceramics and other materials.

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With the fabric digital printing technology and equipment updates, fabric digital printing products will show more market advantage.

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