Magnetic Printing banners

Magnetic Printing Makes P.O.P. More Attractive

P.O.P. The purpose is to attract attention, provide information, advertising and enhance brand awareness. Whether it is short-term or long-term use, magnetic materials can provide a simple and effective diversification solution for the retailer’s P.O.P. From the hanging or support of the logo or banner, to the production of the whole wall and multi-layer graphic display, magnetic materials are the great choice of P.O.P. .

The magnetic material makes P.O.P. show more convenient
The choice of magnetic material for P.O.P. display service has many advantages, of which there are several points worth considering.
Easy to install – for the magnetic material P.O.P. show, do not need a professional installation, or set up a special frame or structure.
Easy to replace and reposition – Store personnel can transform or reposition the logo made of magnetic material as needed.
Permanently durable – Prints on magnetic or metal sheets, if properly maintained, retain their clear colors and resist tear and avoid creases. Magnetic material with permanent magnetic properties, adsorption capacity will never be reduced.

Magnetic Banners

Magnetic material assembly
The magnetic material assembly is the main force of the logo and P.O.P. application. Their tightening and holding ability is extraordinary, for simple suspension and fastening applications, this is a versatile solution. They can be repositioned without drilling or additional support, they are durable and reusable, and never lose their magnetism. These valuable P.O.P. elements are technically not complicated, and only some simple magnetic materials and magnetic materials assembled.


Magnetic graphic system
Flexible magnetic material, magnetic receiving sheet and stripes composed of magnetic material graphic system.
In recent years, the use of magnetic material graphics systems has increased exponentially, which includes some reasons:
(1) The industry has a strong sense of how easy to operate and achieve profitability with solvent-based inks, weak solvent-based inks, UV inks and latex ink printing systems for printing directly on magnetic materials and magnetic receivers;
(2) Easy to replace and reposition;
(3) Reproduce the brilliant colors of the high quality print surface.

Magnetic banner Display

The magnetic material with durability and reusability is equivalent to a long-lasting, cost-effective P.O.P. display solution. Magnetic material graphics system with the ability to quickly replace and add graphic information, for the retail shop self-fixed floor logo, header and footer logo, menus, catalogs and road signs, etc., is the ideal solution.
When the magnetic material or the magnetic receiving material is used as a base or a changeable picture, the magnetic material is used as a base for the magnetic material, and the magnetic receiver is made of a magnetic material, and the magnetic receiver is less expensive than the magnetic material, lighter weight, suitable for being wrapped up and send to do more promotional display.

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